Partnership with A2z Onlinee  sell & repair

In order to make a transaction at A2z Onlinee utilizing the Partner Mobile Application offered by A2z Onlinee, one must be affiliated with the company as a business partner.  

The "Partner APP" is a mobile application that gives the Partner access to the device pickup requests shared by A2z Onlinee within the designated service area and geographic location.

Let us walk you through the procedure in the following steps in brief:-

1. A consumer who wants to sell their old electronic device—such as a smartphone, laptop, tablet, smartwatch, headphones, etc.—gets a quote on A2z Onlinee and submits an order there, specifying their preferred pickup day and time.

2. A2z Onlinee expects the partner to accept the order after sharing the product's specifications, terms, and quoted price on the partner app.

3. On the Partner app, a partner has the option to accept or reject the order.

4. After the partner accepts the order, the partner receives the customer's entire information, including address, phone number, and email address.

5. To pick up the gadget and complete the transaction at A2z Onlinee, the partner must first get in touch with the consumer and then visit the customer at their home on the date and time that the customer has selected.

6. After the order has been completed, the partner is the new owner of the gadget and is free to resell it in the aftermarket and generate a respectable profit. 

7. Per successfully completed order from the partner, A2z Onlinee only charges a minimum commission.

The A2z Onlinee sell & repair  Partner will be responsible for the following:-


In order to properly inspect the gadget at the client's location and, if necessary, to properly re-evaluate it on the Partner app, you must: - Communicate with the customer as an A2z Onlinee partner and not as a specific person. - Offer the best pricing listed on the Partner app.

- Pay the consumer the amount determined by A2z Onlinee to finish the transaction.

- Obtain the necessary paperwork from the consumer, such as an ID proof, an original bill (if one is available), and other pertinent documents.

Before taking the device, ensure that all customer accounts and personal data have been deleted. If you have not erased data, you are responsible for any future problems.


After picking the device for service from the customer, ensure that all customer accounts and personal data is safe, if the customer accounts and personal data is erased or Misused you are responsible for any future problems.

Please note

  1. wear nice dress.

  2. speak politely.

  3. don't misbehave.

  4. Avoid eating gutka, pan, etc.

  5. Before reselecting/requotation, inform the consumer.

  6. No additional repair without approval.

  7. For security reasons, we may share your information like document or location etc with the customer if they are gaving a gadget for repair.

If you believe that you would like to work with A2z Onlinee sell & repair as a Marketplace partner, kindly assist us by providing the information below so that a member of our staff may contact you and move things further.